Scandinavian Interior Design

The Cozy Minimalist Style



Like a light summer breeze, the Scandinavian interior design style is airy and soothing. The blank spaces are as intentional as the décor itself. Brought about by years of tradition, this style pulls off timeless and modern in the same breath.

This style originated in the Nordic region, which is notorious for long, dark winters. The goal of these interiors is to keep things bright and open, but cozy at the same time. This is no easy feat.

Originating in an environment where natural light is in short supply, the way light is used in these spaces is very important. Lots of windows with sheer coverings are popular.



Other minimalist styles are typically cold and uninviting. The Scandinavian style uses lots of textures — like blankets, rugs and throws — to soften the stark white that is a trademark of this style. Stark contrast, like black and white, is one aspect this style uses.

Another big difference between Scandinavian design and other modern styles is the use of color. While neutrals are an essential component, bursts of other colors are used as well. These colors are typically softer, like pastels.

The style is tidy and doesn’t have a lot of ornate detail. The details, however, are intentional. A well placed piece of artwork or pop of texture prevents the clean style from looking too cold.



Minimalist furniture is often used, such as Mid-century modern pieces. These pieces are slim and light, rather than bulky.

You won’t find wall-to-wall carpet in these interiors. Wood floors with plenty of rugs are the norm. Wood is typically light — like beech, ash and pine.

Nature themes are also common. You’ll find botanical artwork, plants and tree branches throughout Scandinavian spaces.

Like a refreshing summer breeze in the middle of winter, the Scandinavian style is a sure way to bring a refreshing yet cozy touch to your space.

Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Writer