Valentine's Day Gifts

5 Unique Ideas


A box of chocolate? Tasty, but traditional. Flowers? Nice, but expected. A card? A teddy bear?

It’s easy to stress about what to get someone for Valentine’s Day. You don’t want to be too cliché, but that can be hard to avoid. This year, think outside the box.

Whether it’s for your significant other or the gals for Galentine’s Day, show your loved ones you care with a unique gift.

5 Unique Gifts:

1. Niven Morgan Hand Soap

This luxurious hand soap would make a great gift. Made with high-quality ingredients like aloe vera and pure glycerin, the foaming soap won’t dry your hands out. You’ll have a hard time picking a favorite scent. Try Lavender Mint, Blue, or Green Tea & Peony.

2. Branché Geisha Robe

This silk robe is certain to make you feel like royalty. The soft, smooth material is 100% silk. The Geisha robe pictured is blue and toffee, but it comes in a variety of colors. Give the gift of luxury.  


3. Roma Moulding Photo Frames

If you want a more personalized gift, consider putting a photo of you and your loved one in one of our high-quality frames from Roma Moulding. You could even write a note on the back. These frames, handmade in Italy, come in a variety of sizes and designs for every style.


4. Branché Charmeuse Pillowcase

This silk pillowcase from Branché is just what your hair and skin needs. The glossy silk helps prevent hair breakage and wrinkles. Choose from colors like crème, blush or toffee.

5. Branché Kiki Slides

These slippers would also make a great Valentine’s Day gift. They combine comfort and style—the best of both worlds. Choose from several colors of fur.

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Now that you have some ideas for what to look for, stop by our store to pick something up.

We’d love to help you find the perfect gift.

Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Writer

Photos: Michaela Satterfield

Gift Shopping Made Simple

8 Ideas for Everyone on Your List


Have you started Christmas shopping?

December is here, and it’s officially time for Santa to start loading his sleigh and you to start loading up on gifts!

You probably won’t want to pick out a new sofa or area rug for anyone on your list, but did you know James Décor has a great selection of smaller items perfect for gift giving?

8 gifts you’ll want to snag right away:

1. Branche Charmeuse Pillowcase


For the beauty queen on your list, this pillowcase would be perfect. It’s made of luxurious silk, and even promotes skin and hair health. No more rough cotton to break hair and leave behind sleep lines. The pillowcase comes in a variety of colors, including blush, white and crème.

2. Branche Kiki Slides


Your feet will be stepping into the living room in style on Christmas morning with these slippers. They feature comfortable soles, and come in several shades of fur.

3. Beatriz Ball Tableware

For the hosts on your list, these aluminum serving dishes from Beatriz Ball would be ideal. They are both beautiful and durable. You would never guess based on looks alone, but these dishes are designed to hold up through many parties and events.

4. Nourison Plush Animals


Don’t forget about the little ones! Our adorable animals from Nourison’s Plush Collection would be the perfect furry friend to add to their collection. We have unicorns, sheep and several other options.

5.  Darzzi Baby Collection


What about the babies on your list? We have gifts for them too! Pick up one of our super soft Darzzi baby blankets, featuring charming animal prints. Or, we have the cutest hand knitted animal-shaped rattles.

6. Windwood Farm Soap


You’ll probably catch a whiff of these luxurious soaps from all the way across the store. They smell amazing, and would make great stocking stuffers. Will the Jasmine Night, Lavender, Oatmeal and Honey or another scent be your favorite? Available in a variety of scents, you’re certain to find one to suit your preference.  

7. Sferra Throws


Need something for the person that has everything? Anyone could use a cozy new throw blanket. Our line Sferra offers them in endless colors and patterns.

8. Accessories


If you know someone’s style well enough, another idea is to give them an accessory to accent their home. Succulents are all the rage right now, and we have several on the floor that would make the perfect gift for anyone looking to keep up with the latest decorating trends.

It’s time to stop stressing and come by James Décor to start checking off your gift list.

You’ll be relaxing by the fire, all your gifts wrapped and ready to go, in no time.

Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Intern

Photos: Michaela Satterfield