In Good Taste

Dining Room Inspiration from Our Portfolio

With the holiday season around the corner, there are plenty of dinners in the dining room in store.

While the kitchen may be used for haphazard meals in between school and work, the dining room is reserved for those meals for which you really want to slow down and enjoy. It is a space for gathering around the table to share food, as well as stories. The dining room is perhaps the most elegant, refined room of the house.

If you are looking to update your dining room, our designers know just how to design them. Whether you need new furniture, new wall coverings or a complete transformation, we’ll have you dining in style.

Here are three dining rooms from our portfolio, and what makes the designs work.

Photo: James Décor

Photo: James Décor

James Décor designed this dining room in October 2017, part of a residential project in South Carolina.

The room has an aura of grandeur, but feels cozy and welcoming at the same time. This is accomplished by the low-hanging chandelier, which brings the room to an approachable scale, despite the magnificent, tall windows.

Drapes hung above the windows make the ceiling looks miles high. Their lively pattern adds a pop of interest to the space.

The dark wood dining table adds richness to the otherwise light neutral room. The cream dining chairs are tied together with the table by the area rug, which features a mix of light and dark neutrals.

The ceramic accessories used as a centerpiece add the missing touch to the space.

There’s no doubt that dining in this beautiful room while overlooking the marshy, green South Carolina landscape will lead to some memorable dinners.

Photo: James Décor

Photo: James Décor

James Décor designed this dining room in September 2017. It was part of a Springfield, Missouri residential project.

The glam space looks like it was taken right from the home of a movie star with its striking chandelier and elegant furniture.

Grey walls serve as a neutral backdrop that makes the furniture and accessories pop.

The stunning crystal chandelier steals the show as the focal point of the room.

A rich raspberry hue, adorning the area rug, adds interest to the otherwise neutral room. The accessories of the same color, featured on the sideboard, tie the area rug into the space.

The simple mirror opens up the space, making it appear larger.

The black table is bold enough to stand without accessories. The contrasting black and white, contributed by the dining table and chairs, is reminiscent of old Hollywood.  

This dining room will make the perfect gathering place for all kinds of important people.

Photo: James Décor

Photo: James Décor

This dining room was also part of the October 2017 South Carolina residential project.

The creamy white walls, trim and area rug are balanced with rich, dark browns. The simplicity of the walls and rug leaves room for the intricate mirror and chandelier.

Bold dining chair backs serve as a conversation starter. The dark brown also matches the dark wood of the table and sideboard.

Candlesticks, a bowl and ceramic pieces accent the room well.

The warm lighting provided by the wall sconces completes the space, which is sure to be the setting of many cozy dinners.

It’s easy to see what makes these well-designed dining rooms work.

Use this dining room inspiration as a starting point for deciding what your own dining room should look like. Will it be traditional, contemporary, cozy or glamorous like these rooms? The choice is up to you, but make sure you don’t overlook this important space in the house.

Whether designing the dining room or planning the menu, the key is good taste.


Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Intern