The Best of Both Worlds

Transitional Interior Design

Photo: Michaela Satterfield

Photo: Michaela Satterfield

If there is one style that James Décor is known by, it would be transitional interior design. A mix of traditional and contemporary pieces, seamlessly brought together in the same space, is the trademark of this timeless style. While many are deeply divided between traditional and contemporary styles, those who can’t decide will be happy to know there is a middle ground. With the transitional style, you can truly have your cake and eat it too.

It’s important to note that transitional design is different than eclectic design. Eclectic design is more scattered, combining things that typically wouldn’t go together. Transitional design is intended to be cohesive.

The key to pulling off transitional design is making sure the two styles are mixed together well. You don’t want there to be too many pieces of either style—balance is essential. Typical color palettes are neutral. Nothing should stand out, because it should all work smoothly together. The style veers on the side of minimalism, but isn’t too cold and stark like some modern spaces. You won’t want to overdo it with the accessories. The ones you choose should be tasteful and well-planned. Large pieces of artwork are common.

To see what the transitional style is all about, take a stroll through our showroom. Our interior designers are experts on the style.

Out with the old and in with the new? Neither. You can keep both.

Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Writer