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10 Luminaires from Our Showroom


March is finally here— and that means spring is only a few weeks away!

We’re in the home stretch. The gloomy days of winter will soon be behind us.

Inspired by the brighter days ahead, here are 10 luminaires from our showroom:

Through the Looking Glass

The “City Spire” table lamp from John-Richard may be transparent, but that doesn’t stop it from making a statement. Paired with mirrors and plenty of white, this lamp makes a space bright and spacious.


Modern with a Twist

This John-Richard table lamp is a subtle way to add a modern touch to your home. Black and gold is a timeless color combination.

Safari Sunset

The “Persimmon Gourd” lamp from John-Richard is a great way to add a pop of burnt orange. The toasty hue is reminiscent of the last rays of sunset in the African desert.


Stay Gold

The “Golden Canyon” lamp from John-Richard is a unique mix of modern and classic. The modern form combines with classic gold to create an interesting piece that stands out from the rest.

Captivating Crystal

The “Castle Peak” table lamp is a glam piece that could be found in a castle. The crystal base adds texture, while the black shade keeps it grounded.


Mixed Metals

The John-Richard “Candlestick” table lamp adds height to any space. The gold and silver combine beautifully. The mixed metals trend is currently taking the world by storm.

A Touch of Whimsy

The “Dickinson” floor lamp from Kate Spade is a sure way to make an impression on anyone entering your home. The unique lamp is reminiscent of carefree childhood days.


Geometric Gold

This Century table lamp is simple enough to fit with an array of styles, but bold enough to make a statement. Stay on trend with the geometric gold base and simple cream shade.

Soft Stone

The John-Richard “Morning Light” accent lamp provides interesting texture. The neutral color palette keeps it functional— it would look great in a variety of spaces.


Geode Dreams

The “Marino Agate” lamp is a great way to add a calm, earthy touch to any space. From jewelry to décor, geodes are definitely in right now.

Artistic License

Last but not least, the artsy “Molten Mocha” lamp from John-Richard provides interesting texture to any space. This table lamp is a simple way to add an artistic touch.

While we wait for sunnier days, light up your space with one of these beautiful luminaires from our showroom.

Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Writer

Photos: Michaela Satterfield