Step into Your Comfort Zone

Our New Comfort Air Recliners from American Leather

Photo: Comfort Air  Pileus

Photo: Comfort Air Pileus

It didn’t take long to figure out that our new Comfort Air recliners were going to be a hit. Come in and take a seat. You’ll see why we decided to write a whole blog post about them.

While recliners tend to be big and bulky, these are the perfect size. Even so, they’re just as comfortable as those bigger recliners, providing support right where you need it and ease getting in and out. Take a deep breath of the real leather smell, and only one word comes to mind: quality.

It’s no wonder, as quality is the linchpin of their creator, American Leather. James Décor is a proud retailer of the brand.

Photo: Comfort Air  Cirrus

Photo: Comfort Air Cirrus

American Leather was founded upon the idea of providing quality, custom furniture in a shockingly fast amount of time—30 days or less.

Since every piece is made to order, there are countless options for leathers, fabrics and furniture types.

Take a step into their factory and you’ll see that there is something different about this company. The factory, located in Dallas, Texas, is a whopping 350,000 square feet. It has even been called the most modern factory in the country. This is largely due to the company’s use of advanced technology.

Each furniture order starts as a drawing rendered on a computer by the design team. After that, the design is sent to the engineering department, which makes sure the design will physically work.

Next, the manufacturing begins. Computerized cutting tools allow for precise manufacturing, to the thousandth of an inch.



If the piece of furniture is going to be leather, it goes to the leather nesting department. As would be expected, American Leather boasts of one of the largest leather inventories in the country. The vast quantity does not mean they skimp on quality, either. Leather is selected from the top 10% of leather hides in the world.

In the leather nesting department, the sewing patterns for the furniture are mapped out on the leather hides. This reduces waste and ensures that the best parts of the leather are used for the piece. After this, computerized cutting machines cut out the patterns before assembling the furniture.  

As the icing on the cake, American Leather takes pride in the visual appearance of their factory. They strive to keep the factory a clean, pleasant place to work.

This company is clearly hard to beat. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Come in and try the revolutionary Comfort Air recliners for yourself.

Take a break and step into your comfort zone.


Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Intern

Photo: Comfort Air  Pileus

Photo: Comfort Air Pileus