Design for our Furry Friends

Our furry friends hold a special place in our hearts, so it only makes sense that they deserve a special place in our homes as well. Fashionably incorporating our pets everyday necessities into the design of our homes is becoming more common, our pets are part of the family after all!


For example, their food and water bowls can take up significant floor space, but a major fad right now is to build dog bowls into the kitchen counter or island. Dog kennels are another large bulky item that is typically an eyesore in the home but you can incorporate a built-in kennel somewhere more convenient. If your dog does not have a kennel and maybe just a bed, they could also be disguised by cabinets, side tables, etc. 


A walk-in wash station for your dog is something that could be included in your mud room or near your entrance for easy cleanup after they have been outside. It can be a hassle to drag your pet through the house and to the bathroom while their covered in mud from playing outside.


Our pets play a major role in our everyday lives and it is only fit that we provide them with the appropriate comforts that we expect for ourselves.




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