Make Your Dream Home a Reality

5 Apps to Make it Happen



When working with an interior designer to design your home, it can be difficult to communicate exactly what you want. Designers love to take what you envision and use their expertise to make it a reality. They show you how to make your ideas functional, as well as beautiful. But what if you can’t express to them exactly what you’re visualizing?

Never fear! There’s an app for that.

There are plenty of online resources right at your fingertips to help you capture your ideas and present them to your interior designer.

It just takes a quick visit to the app store.

Here are 5 apps to download right now:

1. Magicplan

Magicplan is a super easy way to create floor plans. Use it to brainstorm and plan out your dream house. You can even add furniture and make 3D models. It also features a handy material estimator to see how much it’ll all cost.

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2. Morpholio Board

The Board app, by Morpholio, is a great way to brainstorm color schemes and ideas for a room. You can add pictures, furniture pieces, and color swatches to a collage to get a good idea of the look or feel you are going for.

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3. Homestyler

Homestyler is another great app to easily design floor plans. You can make 3D visualizations to better show how you would like a room designed. This app is user friendly and makes designing a breeze.

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4. Color Capture

The Color Capture app, by Benjamin Moore, is a super helpful tool. Is the color of that sweater you just found exactly the color you’ve been envisioning to paint your walls? Take a picture of it, and the app will match it with a paint color. Make the color scheme you’ve been dreaming of a design reality!

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5. Paper

Paper, by Fifty Three, is a sketching app that makes capturing your ideas while on the go easy. Scribble a design concept, or fully illustrate an elevation. The app also has tools for making presentations. Never let another idea slip your mind—get it on paper quickly with the Paper app.

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With these handy tools, your dream home is just a few taps away.


Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Writer

Valentine's Day Gifts

5 Unique Ideas


A box of chocolate? Tasty, but traditional. Flowers? Nice, but expected. A card? A teddy bear?

It’s easy to stress about what to get someone for Valentine’s Day. You don’t want to be too cliché, but that can be hard to avoid. This year, think outside the box.

Whether it’s for your significant other or the gals for Galentine’s Day, show your loved ones you care with a unique gift.

Here are 5 ideas:

1. Niven Morgan Hand Soap

This luxurious hand soap would make a great gift. Made with high-quality ingredients like aloe vera and pure glycerin, the foaming soap won’t dry your hands out. You’ll have a hard time picking a favorite scent. Try Lavender Mint, Blue, or Green Tea & Peony.

2. Branché Geisha Robe

This silk robe is certain to make you feel like royalty. The soft, smooth material is 100% silk. The Geisha robe pictured is blue and toffee, but it comes in a variety of colors. Give the gift of luxury.  


3. Roma Moulding Photo Frames

If you want a more personalized gift, consider putting a photo of you and your loved one in one of our high-quality frames from Roma Moulding. You could even write a note on the back. These frames, handmade in Italy, come in a variety of sizes and designs for every style.


4. Branché Charmeuse Pillowcase

This silk pillowcase from Branché is just what your hair and skin needs. The glossy silk helps prevent hair breakage and wrinkles. Choose from colors like crème, blush, or toffee.

5. Branché Kiki Slides

These slippers would also make a great Valentine’s Day gift. They combine comfort and style—the best of both worlds. Choose from several colors of fur.

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Now that you have some ideas for what to look for, stop by our store to pick something up.

We’d love to help you find the perfect gift.

Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Writer

Photos: Michaela Satterfield

Rose-Colored Glasses

Red and Pink Color Inspiration

pink red fabric.jpg

Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is in two weeks, and the color scheme of the moment is red and pink.

While the colors aren’t typically paired any other time of the year, red and pink are timeless hues. There are plenty of ways to incorporate them into a beautiful interior.

According to Michael Pastoureau, author of a book on the color red, the word literally translates to “beautiful.” It was one of the first colors of paint that existed. Ancient Romans used cinnabar to create the color. It is associated with anger, passion, hunger, and power. Ask what you should wear to an interview, and many people will you tell you the color red. Red is bold. Red is memorable. If you’re wanting to make a statement, it’s your color.

Pink, on the other hand, is not so daring. It is soft and comforting. While pink is known as a feminine color, it wasn’t always that way. According to Anna Broadway, who wrote an article on the color, pink was once considered masculine. It was viewed as a lighter shade of red, which was associated with war. Even so, these days it is hard to think of it any other way. Pink is delicate. Pink is lively. If you’re wanting to add a touch of glam to your interior, it’s your color.

Get inspired by some prints, patterns, and pieces from our showroom:

You don’t have to wear rose-colored glasses to see why these colors are timeless hues for any interior.

Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Writer


Photos: Michaela Satterfield

Beat the Winter Blues

5 Ways to Brighten Your Home This Winter



With temperatures plummeting, it can be easy for your mood to plummet too. According to American Family Physician, seasonal affective disorder (or seasonal depression) affects about 25% of people every winter. 

These dreary, dark days definitely have me craving long walks in the sunshine with balmy air touching my skin and palm trees up above. Until then, we’ll just have to make the most of these puffy coat, red nose, slippery sidewalk days. There are lots of ways you can bring a little bit of summer into your home, even in the dead of winter. 

Here are 5 ways to beat the winter blues in your home:

1. Bright Décor

It’s hard to stay down with a room full of bright yellow, sunset orange, or rainforest green. Try painting a wall in a bold color, or get an accent chair in a colorful pattern. Some simpler ideas include adding throw pillows or a blanket. One of my favorite ways to add color to a room is with artwork. You could also re-paint a tired old piece of furniture in a fun color.  



2. Bright Lights

Don't underestimate the power of adding a lamp or string lights to a room. On top of this, go ahead and change out any burnt-out light bulbs. The lack of light in winter is the biggest culprit of seasonal affective disorder. Making sure that every room in your home is well-lit will help beat those winter blues.  



3. Natural Light

Better yet, take advantage of the little bit of natural light that is left, even when you’re inside. Pull back the curtains and enjoy the cooler sunlight that escapes through the clouds. As a bonus, you’ll save some money on your electric bill. 



4. Indoor Plants

Flowers and greenery are two things I really miss in winter. Why wait for the April showers? Bring the outdoors in with some indoor plants. Plants are known to improve air quality and provide many health benefits. Succulents and cacti are popular choices right now.  



5. Soft Textures

Another way to get through the winter is to fill your home with lots of soft textures. Blankets, pillows, and area rugs add warmth to cold rooms.



While we wait for spring to make its much-anticipated arrival, there are lots of things you can do to bring a little extra warmth to your home during these harsh winter months.  

Until then, grab some hot tea, take a seat by the fire, and enjoy the snowy landscape while it lasts.

Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Writer


Local Design Inspiration

Check Out the Springfield Home Builder’s Association Home Show



In January, it can be easy to get a case of cabin fever, with the icy weather and slower social calendars. Getting out of the house feels like a breath of fresh air during this time of the year. Need an excuse? You’re in luck!

For home owners, interior designers, and contractors alike, there is one annual Springfield event you will not want to miss: the Home Builder’s Association Home Show.

This event allows you to connect with construction companies, landscapers, insurance companies, cabinet makers, and everything in between. You’ll find people to help you with every step of the home building process.

Then, your home will be all ready for James Decor to come and finish it off with a beautiful interior.



Not looking to build anytime soon? Come anyways. The buzz of innovative home ideas is sure to spark inspiration, whether it be for decorating or remodeling.

The event features well over a hundred exhibitors and several live presentations.

Mark your calendars for next weekend! The Home Show runs from Friday, January 25th to Sunday, January 27th. It will be hosted at the Springfield Expo Center in downtown Springfield. Admission is open to the public and costs $7. For more information, check out

You don’t have to go far from your own backyard for some great design inspiration.

Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Writer

New Décor for the New Year

10 New Pieces to Snag Right Away



A new year makes a great excuse to add some new décor to your collection.

Whether you’re looking for new bedding, furniture, or artwork, we have you covered. At James Décor, we have recently added several new items to our floor. To see it all, you’ll just have to come in and check it out for yourself.

Until then, here are 10 of our newest additions to give you a taste:


1. Turn your bedroom into a relaxing seaside escape with this seafoam bedding. I can hear the soft waves rolling onto the gray sand even now. From the Charmeuse Collection by Ann Gish, this luxurious bedding set would be a great new addition for your home.


2. This fur throw blanket from Paul Robert makes me want to go curl up on the couch right away. Soft and thick, it’s sure to keep you warm on the coldest of winter days.


3. Greenery is all the rage right now. This faux plant could easily be mistaken for the real thing. Add a refreshing pop of the outdoors to your home. We have several different varieties of succulents and other plants.


4. This artwork from John-Richard would make a great conversation piece. Bold and colorful, everyone will wonder about the story behind the girl in the big hat.


5. The Zeina candleholder from Uttermost is also a great statement piece. For those wanting to add a modern touch to their homes, this would be a great choice.


6. From Century, the Adler chair would be a classy addition to any home. The Art Deco style takes you back to the roaring twenties, and the luxurious royal blue velvet is reminiscent of The Great Gatsby. There’s no doubt that this is a timeless piece.


7. This artwork from John-Richard features the marbleized texture which is currently taking the world by storm. Its rich color palette is one you might experience on a moonlit walk. Add depth and texture to your home with this beautiful art.


8. For an empty cocktail table or bookshelf, this decorative bowl would be the perfect touch. The swirling blue shades could be found in the Caribbean. Reminiscent of a souvenir you might pick up on a tropical vacation, this bowl adds a pop of the deep blue sea.


9. You’ve probably seen this chair before. We can’t get over our new Comfort Air recliners from American Leather. They feature unbeatable comfort and style. The real leather that comes in a variety of color options is the icing on the cake.


10. This original artwork looks like something taken straight from an art museum. It would be perfect for a modern home. The bright colors add interest and warmth.

As you can see, James Décor is brimming with beautiful new pieces. Be sure to come by and check it all out.

It’s a new year, and your home deserves some new additions.

Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Writer

Photos: Michaela Satterfield

Getting Organized in the New Year

10 Tips to Declutter Your Home

Ah, 2019. A new year. A fresh start. We rang it in, and now it’s time to start thinking about those resolutions.

It’s up to you to make this year even better than the last.

Maybe you’re thinking about hitting the gym more, eating healthier, or procrastinating less. These are all great ways to improve yourself, but what about improving your home? You would be surprised to find out how much the space you spend your time in affects you.

That’s why you should add one more resolution to your list: decluttering your home.

Out with the old and in with the new—it’s time to toss all the extra stuff that built up over the past year.

Here are 10 tips for decluttering your home:

1. While it may be tempting to run out and buy a bunch of new containers, baskets, and shelves before you start organizing, consider organizing before you buy. Then, you’ll know exactly what you need to fit your stuff and space. This will save both time and money.

2. Take baby steps. Organizing the entire house in one day sounds nice, but it isn’t realistic. Setting unreachable goals can lead to burnout and giving up altogether. The solution? Take it one step at a time. An example of a small goal is organizing one room a week.

3. Another way to do this? Set a time limit. For example, you could make it your goal to declutter for just five minutes a day. That’s the amount of time it takes to make a cup of tea or a bag of popcorn. It’s a piece of cake, and the little things add up.

4. You could also simply get rid of one item a day. Donate it, give it to a friend, or throw it away if it no longer has any value. It may not seem like much, but by the end of the year, you’ll have 365 less items taking up your space.

5. One space I find the most difficult to declutter is my closet. Are you in the same boat? Oprah Winfrey once gave this great tip: hang everything in your closet backwards. Then, when you wear something, flip it around the right way. Do this for about six months. When you’re done, it will be easy to see what you still use and what needs to go.

6. Get some perspective. Try viewing the spaces in your home as different people. For example, what would you want to keep and get rid of if you had your boss over? Your grandma? A toddler? This strategy helps you to notice things that need to be organized that you might not have otherwise noticed.

7. Ask yourself unique questions about your stuff to gain a new perspective. For example, how much would you pay for an item if you were buying it today? Or, would you consider this item to be one of your favorite things? Questions like these help you to gauge the value of your clutter.

8. Don’t be afraid to keep a junk drawer. Even though it may be cluttered, it’s a lot easier to get rid of the clutter if it’s all in one spot. It’s worth it to sacrifice one drawer in order to declutter the rest of your house. Pile it up, but don’t forget to go through it every once in a while too.

9. Once you’re done decluttering, keep in mind that the job is never really done. Don’t be discouraged when the clutter starts to creep up again in another month or so. It means you’re human. The work wasn’t all in vain— now, you have an efficient system in place to organize everything in the future.

10. Going into the future, set some standards for what you allow into your home. Make sure that the things you buy are high quality and serve a purpose. If not, you’ll risk the things you buy turning into clutter in a matter of months.

Benjamin Franklin wisely once said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” What better way to make this year the best one yet than to give yourself more time to enjoy it? This new year, make a resolution to start decluttering your home.

Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Writer


Step into Your Comfort Zone

Our New Comfort Air Recliners from American Leather

Photo: Comfort Air  Pileus

Photo: Comfort Air Pileus

It didn’t take long to figure out that our new Comfort Air recliners were going to be a hit. Come in and take a seat. You’ll see why we decided to write a whole blog post about them.

While recliners tend to be big and bulky, these are the perfect size. Even so, they’re just as comfortable as those bigger recliners, providing support right where you need it and ease getting in and out. Take a deep breath of the real leather smell, and only one word comes to mind: quality.

It’s no wonder, as quality is the linchpin of their creator, American Leather. James Décor is a proud retailer of the brand.

Photo: Comfort Air  Cirrus

Photo: Comfort Air Cirrus

American Leather was founded upon the idea of providing quality, custom furniture in a shockingly fast amount of time—30 days or less.

Since every piece is made to order, there are countless options for leathers, fabrics, and furniture types.

Take a step into their factory and you’ll see that there is something different about this company. The factory, located in Dallas, Texas, is a whopping 350,000 square feet. It has even been called the most modern factory in the country. This is largely due to the company’s use of advanced technology.

Each furniture order starts as a drawing rendered on a computer by the design team. After that, the design is sent to the engineering department, which makes sure the design will physically work.

Next, the manufacturing begins. Computerized cutting tools allow for precise manufacturing, to the thousandth of an inch.



If the piece of furniture is going to be leather, it goes to the leather nesting department. As would be expected, American Leather boasts of one of the largest leather inventories in the country. The vast quantity does not mean they skimp on quality, either. Leather is selected from the top 10% of leather hides in the world.

In the leather nesting department, the sewing patterns for the furniture are mapped out on the leather hides. This reduces waste and ensures that the best parts of the leather are used for the piece. After this, computerized cutting machines cut out the patterns before assembling the furniture.  

As the icing on the cake, American Leather takes pride in the visual appearance of their factory. They strive to keep the factory a clean, pleasant place to work.

This company is clearly hard to beat. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Come in and try the revolutionary Comfort Air recliners for yourself.

Take a break and step into your comfort zone.


Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Intern

Photo: Comfort Air  Pileus

Photo: Comfort Air Pileus



Gift Shopping Made Simple

8 Ideas for Everyone on Your List


Have you started Christmas shopping?

December is here, and it’s officially time for Santa to start loading his sleigh and you to start loading up on gifts!

You probably won’t want to pick out a new sofa or area rug for anyone on your list, but did you know James Décor has a great selection of smaller items perfect for gift giving?

Here are 8 gifts you’ll want to snag right away:

1. Branche Charmeuse Pillowcase


For the beauty queen on your list, this pillowcase would be perfect. It’s made of luxurious silk, and even promotes skin and hair health. No more rough cotton to break hair and leave behind sleep lines. The pillowcase comes in a variety of colors, including blush, white, and crème.

2. Branche Kiki Slides


Your feet will be stepping into the living room in style on Christmas morning with these slippers. They feature comfortable soles, and come in several shades of fur.

3. Beatriz Ball Tableware

For the hosts on your list, these aluminum serving dishes from Beatriz Ball would be ideal. They are both beautiful and durable. You would never guess based on looks alone, but these dishes are designed to hold up through many parties and events.

4. Nourison Plush Animals


Don’t forget about the little ones! Our adorable animals from Nourison’s Plush Collection would be the perfect furry friend to add to their collection. We have unicorns, sheep, and several other options.

5.  Darzzi Baby Collection


What about the babies on your list? We have gifts for them too! Pick up one of our super soft Darzzi baby blankets, featuring charming animal prints. Or, we have the cutest hand knitted animal-shaped rattles.

6. Windwood Farm Soap


You’ll probably catch a whiff of these luxurious soaps from all the way across the store. They smell amazing, and would make great stocking stuffers. Will the Jasmine Night, Lavender, Oatmeal and Honey, or another scent be your favorite? Available in a variety of scents, you’re certain to find one to suit your preference.  

7. Sferra Throws


Need something for the person that has everything? Anyone could use a cozy new throw blanket. Our line, Sferra, offers them in endless colors and patterns.

8. Accessories


If you know someone’s style well enough, another idea is to give them an accessory to accent their home. Succulents are all the rage right now, and we have several on the floor that would make the perfect gift for anyone looking to keep up with the latest decorating trends.

It’s time to stop stressing and come by James Décor to start checking off your gift list.

You’ll be relaxing by the fire, all your gifts wrapped and ready to go, in no time.

Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Intern

Photos: Michaela Satterfield

The Great Debate

Contemporary vs. Traditional Design

Coke or Pepsi? iPhones or Androids? Cats or dogs?

These hot debates never seem to reach a conclusion.

While there are thousands of styles out there, there is perhaps no greater debate than between these two styles: contemporary and traditional.

Similar to people’s preferences for certain phone brands or pets, most tend to side strongly with one style over the other. Contemporary style is shiny and new— a breath of fresh air. Traditional style, on the other hand, is timeless, and its mark on the interior design world won’t be fading anytime soon. At James Décor, we offer a selection of both styles to suit all different tastes.

What makes the two styles so different? Let’s take a look, so you can decide whose side you’re on.

A fundamental difference between contemporary and traditional interiors is that contemporary design places emphasis on space, while traditional design places emphasis on things.

The adage “less is more” could be used to describe contemporary style. This style emphasizes light and the absence of clutter. You’ll find mainly neutral colors in contemporary interiors, although pale or bright colors may be used sparingly. One trademark of this style is bold lines, which can be seen in geometric shapes and color blocks.

Furniture is typically simple and unornamented. Texture can be used to add some interest, but only on occasion. Common textures in contemporary design include wood grains, fur, and natural fibers, like cotton or silk. Flooring can be wood, tile, or vinyl. Carpet is only to be used if necessary for acoustics or other reasons.

Spotlights are common to highlight a significant piece of artwork or accent wall. Artwork and accessories are used sparsely. Bold, large pieces are common, rather than several smaller ones.

Large plants are also popular in contemporary interiors.

Photo: Traditional interior, from

Photo: Traditional interior, from

The traditional style is familiar to most, filling up furniture catalogs and showrooms. It is likely to be a style you grew up with in your own home, or perhaps your grandparents’ home. It’s no wonder this style is so cozy and comforting.  

In one word, traditional design could be described as predictable. It is orderly, and commonly symmetrical. You won’t find anything that stands out. Everything will match.

Photo: Traditional living room, from

Photo: Traditional living room, from

Colors are typically not very bright or very pale. Tones come from the middle of the road. Line is used softly, rather than boldly, and you’ll find a mix of vertical and horizontal lines. Fabrics frequently feature small patterns like florals, stripes, and plaids.

Flooring could be hardwood, but carpet and rugs are also common. Furniture consists of soft textures and forms.

Lamps, books, plants, china, and framed prints are common accessories.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of contemporary design or the comfort of traditional design, it’s clear that each style has an appeal in its own right.

We’ll just have to agree to disagree.


Michaela Satterfield

James Décor Intern